INTERVIEW: Aluminium consumers step up demand for sustainable metal, Alcoa exec says

Aluminium consumers are stepping up demand for products that allow them to reduce their carbon footprint via metal produced using low emissions, the chief commercial officer of Alcoa Corp said.

Tim Reyes, who is also executive vice president of the United States-based producer, said that the company's recent deal to supply a combination of low- and zero-carbon aluminium to produce the wheels on Audi’s first electronic sports car was an example of this.
“First and foremost, we’re responding to customers by creating products to support their demand,” he said. “Certainly, transportation is very keen on how suppliers are going to meet their low-carbon needs,” he told Fastmarkets in an interview.
“For sure, we’re seeing an increase in demand from our customers, from not just the transportation industry but from across a broad sector of the marketplace,” he said.

In a deal announced on Tuesday March 23, the Audi wheels are being manufactured by Ronal Group using a combination of Alcoa’s low-carbon aluminium, EcoLum and metal produced using the Elysis zero-carbon emissions smelting technology, a joint venture between...


Andrea Hotter

March 23, 2021

13:30 GMT

New York