TURKEY FLAT STEEL: HRC prices close to $1,000 per tonne, order books full

Prices in Turkey for steel hot-rolled coil came close to $1,000 per tonne during the week ending Thursday April 1, with producers fully booked until late July, sources have told Fastmarkets.

Demand was strong in the country because of low stock levels, as well as the expectation of more price increases.
Most market participants expected further price increases next week, because of globally high prices.
“Prices in Europe’s local market are very close to $1,000 per tonne, so Turkish mills will probably follow,” one Turkish end-user said.
Fastmarkets calculated its daily steel hot-rolled coil index, domestic, exw Northern Europe, at €843.33 ($988.98) per tonne on April 1, up by €7.33 per tonne day on day.

HRC producers in Turkey were accepting orders to be produced in late July, and cold-rolled coil was offered...


Serife Durmus

April 01, 2021

18:27 GMT