GREEN AL: Billet in Europe continues to command low-carbon premium

Low-carbon aluminium value-added products continue to trade at a small premium in Europe, though such premiums are not achievable for primary aluminium, participants told Fastmarkets.

Fastmarkets assessed aluminium low-carbon differential value-added product, Europe at $10-15 per tonne on Thursday April 1 from $5-15 per tonne premium on March 5. 
Deals were reported to Fastmarkets for aluminium billet in Europe with $10-per-tonne and $15-per-tonne low-carbon differentials written into the contracts.
Market participants said demand for low-carbon aluminium products remains strong due to end-consumer market incentives.

“You have construction that is very strong - most stimulus is going into rebuilding something, redoing a neighborhood. Most stimulus has been going into reconstruction. You have a lot that is done to incentivize to make their home or apartment greener,” a trader said. "With these...


Alice Mason

April 01, 2021

18:19 GMT