INTERVIEW: Stephen Montague - Midrex Technologies

Stephen Montague tells Fastmarkets about his passion on the importance of people in his company’s success and the attitude and focus needed to have a positive impact in a decarbonizing steel industry.

‘We want people who have the mindset to really love and serve others’ - President & CEO
Midrex Technologies, owned by Kobe Steel of Japan, sets great store in the development of the major direct-reduced iron (DRI) and hot-briquetted iron (HBI) production plants that it designs, supplies and helps to maintain globally.
When Midrex Technologies president and chief executive officer Stephen Montague’s colleague Robert Hunter - a long-serving, senior employee of Midrex and well known guru of all things HBI and DRI related - retired five years ago, the company’s quarterly publication Direct from Midrex described Hunter as the personification of the business.

The same could be said for Montague himself, with 34 years of service to Midrex and the experience of succeeding in multiple roles in the company - especially given his strong personal belief in the company’s mission to love and serve others. He thinks as deeply about...


Richard Barrett

April 13, 2021

11:42 GMT