Tighter mine inspections boost sentiment in China's coking coal market

An announcement to step up safety inspections on coal mines in China earlier this week has improved sentiment in the country’s domestic coking coal market.

The National Mine Safety Administration on the afternoon of Tuesday April 13 announced after an urgent meeting in Beijing that inspections on such mines across China would be intensified.
All coal mines’ inspection offices should add more regular on-site supervision and on-line system regulations to prevent gas overrun, according to the announcement. Mines that fail to operate within safety requirements will be punished, the administration said.
“This formal regulation is stricter following a series of mining accidents across China in March and early April. Production at some small and mid-sized coal mines may be affected,” a market source told Fastmarkets.

The announcement, coming against the backdrop of limited...


Alice Li

April 15, 2021

09:43 GMT