LIVE FUTURES REPORT 14/04: LME aluminium over $2,320; tin, copper up 2%

Aluminium’s futures price reached yet another year-to-date high on the London Metal Exchange on Wednesday April 14, while tin returned above the $26,000 per tonne mark and copper bounced up by 2% on a day when most metal prices were again boosted by a lower US dollar.

Aluminium’s price peaked at $2,329 per tonne during trading on Wednesday, and closed up by 1.3% at $2,323.50 per tonne, from Tuesday’s price of $2,293 per tonne.
That marked the highest reading for the metal in nearly three years, with the closest intraday high seen in June 2018, when the metal reached $2,353 per tonne. The metal’s benchmark cash-to-three month spread has also tightened to a $16.50 per tonne contango, the tightest it has been since March 9.

Aluminium was supported by...


Ana de Liz

April 14, 2021

17:10 GMT