FOCUS: Brazil steel imports increase amid supply-demand imbalance

Brazil was a net importer of finished steel during the first quarter of 2021 for the first time since 2014 amid a domestic supply-demand imbalance, according to data from the economy ministry.

The country purchased 49,976 tonnes of steel more than it exported. The figure takes into account unalloyed, non-special steel – hot- and cold-rolled coil, galvanized and Galvalume, and heavy plate, as well as rebar, wire rod and sections.
Imports of rolled steel totaled 602,417 tonnes in the January-March period, up 98.59% from 303,345 tonnes in the corresponding months of 2020.
Meanwhile, the country exported 552,441 tonnes of rolled steel, a 19.21% year-on-year decrease from 683,797 tonnes.
The negative balance - the first reported by the country since the third quarter of 2014 - came from the flat-rolled steel sector, since exports of long steel surpassed import volumes.

Brazil imported 116,757 tonnes more of flat steel than it exported in the first three months this year, totaling 420,298 tonnes, up 75.73% from 239,172 tonnes a year before. Exports, however, totaled 303,541 tonnes, a 34.49% drop from...


Felipe Peroni

Renato Rostás

April 16, 2021

21:05 GMT

São Paulo