Aluminium scrap ingot price at two-month low on weak car demand

A lack of automotive demand in the UK - and across the rest of the world - has driven secondary aluminium prices in the country to a two-month low, Fastmarkets heard on Thursday April 22.

The global shortage of semiconductor chips, which has led to a temporary halt in automotive production across the UK and Europe, has weakened demand for secondary aluminium, putting downward pressure on ingot prices.
Jaguar Land Rover, the UK’s largest automotive manufacturer, temporarily halted production at two of its UK factories on Thursday, because of the global bottleneck in semiconductor supply.
“We are currently experiencing some Covid-19-related supply-chain disruptions, including the global availability of semi-conductors, which are having an effect on our production schedules and our ability to meet global demand for some of our vehicles,” a spokesperson for JLR said.

“As a result, we have adjusted production schedules for certain vehicles,” the spokesperson added, “which...


Justin Yang

Imogen Dudman

April 22, 2021

14:40 GMT