US Midwest aluminium premium climbs to new record high

The US Midwest aluminium premium jumped to a new all-time high on Friday April 30, with the US market struggling to attract much-needed imports while the freight and duty components of the premium have spiked as well.

Fastmarkets assessed the aluminium P1020A premium, ddp Midwest US at 26-27 cents per lb on April 30, up by 8.16% from its previous record high of 24-25 cents per lb and up by 60.61% from 16-17 cents per lb at the start of March. No market participants who spoke with Fastmarkets during the pricing assessment period viewed spot premiums below this range as achievable. Thin inventories in the US market have continued to push the premium higher. “Supply is tight. And the price...


Michael Roh

April 30, 2021

22:02 GMT

New York