ANTIMONY MONTHLY REVIEW – APRIL: Global prices maintain downtrend on slow buying

Global antimony prices edged downward amid reduced demand in Europe and more available supply from producers in China, despite continuous shipping delays, sources told Fastmarkets.

Price moves

The antimony market continued its downtrend amid lower cif prices from China, which led some profit-takers in Europe to offer below $10,000 per tonne for both grades by the end of the month. Some producers, however, were able to achieve higher prices closer to $10,400 per tonne, sources said.
Market participants that spoke to Fastmarkets said business on a spot basis in Rotterdam had decreased in April while more activity was reported in Baltimore, United States.
Some market sources said that aside from slower demand, trading was thin due to fewer traders being able to participate in the European market because they could not bear the costs of the Reach (registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals) registration.
Two trading companies in Europe dropped their registration in recent months, Fastmarkets heard, and without it they could not export from China and sell to end-consumers in Europe.


Cristina Belda

May 06, 2021

16:30 GMT