Rotterdam almost clear of Suez blockage backlog, Port Authority says

The so-called “Suez Armada” of vessels that were delayed by the unintentional blockage of the Suez Canal has now been processed by the Port of Rotterdam, but the port was still “extremely” busy and there were challenges ahead for the shipping sector, speakers said during the Supply Chain Talks digital event on Wednesday May 5.

The blockage of the waterway between March 23 and 29 created havoc for global shipping, and the Port of Rotterdam, the largest seaport in Europe, has been particularly congested since the incident.
The day that container vessel Ever Given was freed from its accidental grounding, 64 ships had planned to sail to Rotterdam via the Suez Canal. For that reason, the port authority initiated a consultative panel with shipping companies, terminal operators and hinterland carriers to support the terminal in processing the container ships that were en route. It also organized the digital event.
Fifty-four vessels have been processed, three were canceled, two were being processed in Rotterdam, one was at anchor and four were en route, the Port said in a press release on May 7.

Among these four was the Ever Given, which had been seized by the Egyptian authorities and detained in the canal’s Great Bitter Lake,...


Cristina Belda

May 11, 2021

14:45 GMT