INTERVIEW: Rusal demerger won't impact 2022 mating season, Hodgson says

Aluminium producer Rusal’s proposed move to split into two different businesses will not impact customer negotiations for 2022 contracts, but the effects are likely to be felt gradually from 2023 onward, company director of sales and marketing Steve Hodgson told Fastmarkets.

The company has notified its customers about the demerger, announced on Wednesday May 19, on a broader level but it has not yet fully engaged them on what it will mean at an individual level, he said.
“The point we’ve made very strongly is the negotiations around 2022 business will largely be unchanged, probably totally unchanged in reality. The mating season is coming up fairly soon and people are trying to lock in metal,” Hodgson said in an interview.
“We’ll have clarity through that mating season for individual customers to what 2023 and beyond may look like... It’s business as usual, certainly through 2022, and if there are transitions they’ll take place in 2023 onwards for several years,” he said.

The proposed split will see Rusal change its name to AL+ and focus on value-added, low-carbon aluminium, while an as-yet-unnamed Newco will focus on developing...


Andrea Hotter

May 20, 2021

21:37 GMT

New York