US 'deep in conversations' to support EV growth, Buttigieg says

The United States is “deep in conversations” to determine how the federal government can support the growth of electric vehicles (EVs), the country’s Secretary of Transportation said.

The country’s goal of reducing carbon emissions by at least 50% by 2030 is helping to drive this collaboration, according to Secretary Pete Buttigieg.
“We’re deep in conversations about how to support the EV revolution, knowing what it can do for so many drivers, and especially, I would note, rural households and drivers who can save more on gas,” he noted.
“The market is clearly moving in the direction of EVs, and the question is not about whether they’ll keep being built; the question is whether they’ll happen fast enough to avoid climate disaster, and will it happen equitably?” he added.

Buttigieg was speaking during an innovation summit hosted by the Advanced...


Andrea Hotter

May 25, 2021

21:28 GMT

New York