HOTTER ON METALS: Bill Gates and the green premium

Bill Gates has a theory about green premiums: He wants to eliminate them entirely.

The American business magnate and philanthropist calls green premiums the additional cost of choosing a clean technology over one that emits a greater amount of greenhouse gases.
In other words, the price that metals and mining companies are starting to charge their customers for producing low-carbon products.
But he also recognized why green premiums have emerged and said their price trajectory will provide a critical measure of how well the world is doing to tackle climate change.
During a fireside chat at an innovation summit hosted by the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, Gates called on governments to fund projects to get technologies up to scale and create demand for green products, even when they sell at a higher price.

“How can we get started on green steel...


Andrea Hotter

May 26, 2021

20:28 GMT

New York