Canada to work with allies on natural resources supply chains, official says

Canada will seek to work with its allies and partners to develop supply chains that will help them to meet global climate goals, according to the associate deputy minister at the Department of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).

Shawn Tupper said that this will include building mineral value chains and downstream processing, products and technologies, and leveraging mining practices, to position Canada as a supplier of choice among its international allies. The country will also work with global partners on minerals and metals for the low-carbon and digitized economy, he told a webinar organized by the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group for Critical Minerals. “We have an ambitious agenda that we think will define our economy, but we are very cognizant that we cannot stand alone,” Tupper said. “We cannot stand in Canada and pretend that we have all that we need in terms of getting into these production chains. So, we’ve very much looking at getting into collaborative conversations to identify areas of mutual interest, and ultimately to find those areas where we can be cooperative and then put supply chains together,” he added. The Covid-19 pandemic...


Andrea Hotter

May 27, 2021

19:00 GMT

New York