BIR 2021: Proposed European scrap export restrictions to be revealed; industry to step up lobbying

The first proposed draft on scrap shipment regulation revisions in Europe will come out in a few weeks, with more restrictions on the free flow of secondary metal raw materials expected, panelists said at the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) Convention, which started on Monday May 31.

The biggest point of uncertainty is whether the European Commission (EC) will stop the export of both unprocessed waste and of the secondary raw material that is commonly used as a substitute for primary material in steel, copper and aluminium production worldwide.
The European Union is the world’s biggest exporter of steel scrap and is a major supplier of non-ferrous scrap to Asia.

”You will be surprised by their faces when you mention the values of metals [in scrap] to politicians, to members of the EU parliament, how they are looking to you even if it’s online. You tell them, a copper briquette of this brick size actually has a value of more than $50,000,” Murat Bayram, managing director of non-ferrous Europe for...


Julian Luk

June 01, 2021

22:23 GMT