Covid-19 scare cuts China's Mongolian coal supply to 90 trucks per day

China’s Ceke Port has requested the country’s customs authorities to clear only 90 trucks per day from Mongolia - instead of the typical 200 per day - from Wednesday June 2 after a truck driver tested positive for Covid-19 a day earlier, sources told Fastmarkets.

Ceke Port - located in Alashan League, a division of China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region - is a major port of entry on the country’s border with Mongolia.
There were 1,143 new cases of Covid-19 in Mongolia on June 1, which took the total number of confirmed cases to 60,372, Mongolia’s health ministry said on Wednesday.

A total of 2.26 million tonnes of Mongolian coal entered China through Ceke Port in the first quarter...


Alice Li

June 03, 2021

06:30 GMT