ANTIMONY MONTHLY REVIEW - MAY: Prices continue downtrend; demand in Rotterdam starts to pick up

The antimony market weakened further in May amid declining cif prices from China, which were mirrored in Europe. But the market has been showing increasing disparity with some producers offering material at higher levels due to low inventories in Rotterdam for prompt delivery.

In China, the antimony price has moved steadily lower since peaking at 69,000-70,000 yuan ($10,833-10,990) per tonne in early March.
Throughout May, several Chinese participants withdrew from the market because of weak demand from the downstream antimony trioxide sector. Limited deals were heard concluded within the assessed range after some participants cut prices to liquidate cargoes, while producer sources kept their offers high above the assessed range despite receiving no inquiries.
In Europe, prices followed the downtrend, but the picture was mixed. Offers and deals were reported at both ends of the range, especially for antimony max 100 ppm Bi.

Price declines were also seen in the antimony trioxide market, albeit at a slower pace than the previous month, with falls especially evident in offers from Chinese producers on an...


Cristina Belda

June 08, 2021

09:25 GMT