LME to limit warranting of stock not reflected in off-warrant stock reports

The London Metal Exchange will enhance its off-warrant stock reporting, including limiting the warranting of metal that has not previously been disclosed in off-warrant stock reports, the exchange said on Tuesday June 8.

The responses to the LME's discussion paper were generally supportive of the exchange taking a greater physical market role with respect to the off-warrant stock report, the LME said.
The LME also plans to publish near real-time off-warrant stock data and to move disclosure responsibilities from warehouses to metal owners, with support from members, it said.
These changes should be implemented from 2022, the exchange said.
The LME has had a number of large deliveries into approved warehouses in 2021, including over 600,000 tonnes of aluminium in March.
The time is right for these changes, chief executive officer of the LME, Matthew Chamberlain, said.

“In general, we’ve been very pleased that most of...


Alice Mason

June 08, 2021

12:28 GMT