US steel raw materials imports fall in April vs March

Imports of steelmaking raw materials into the United States fell by 14.56% month on month in April, primarily due to reduced inflows of direct-reduced iron (DRI) over the period, according to the latest data from the US Census Bureau.

Raw materials imports totaled 901,825 tonnes in April, compared with 1.06 million tonnes in March and 851,028 tonnes in February.

US imports of ferrous scrap fell by 9.92% to 304,483 tonnes in April from 338,030 tonnes in March, after rising by 10.76% to that level from 305,193 tonnes in February. Ferrous scrap imports from the US’ largest supplier Canada dropped significantly by 28.59% to 153,722 tonnes from 215,275 in the same comparison.


Amy Hinton

June 08, 2021

22:24 GMT