STEEL SCRAP WRAP: Global prices rebound on renewed buying activity

Hopes were high on Friday June 11 that global scrap prices were rebounding, with China looking to import steel billet again amid rising prices in its domestic steel market. Turkish steel mills were also purchasing import cargoes again.

  • Turkey returns to spot market
  • US West Coast sells to Bangladesh at $15 per tonne decrease
  • Taiwanese buyers fail to secure cheaper materials
  • China sees price uptick as week closes
  • Weak demand in Vietnam on falling steel prices
  • Indian prices move up on fresh trading.


Turkish steel mills resumed their purchasing activities this week after nearly two weeks without procuring any imported...


Cem Turken

Lee Allen

Paul Lim

Carrie Bone

Amy Hinton

Tianran Zhao

June 11, 2021

16:33 GMT

Singapore, Shanghai, London, Mugla