GLOBAL MANGANESE SNAPSHOT: Ore prices drop amid buyer resistance, lower liquidity

Key data from Fastmarkets’ pricing sessions in China, the United States, India and Europe.

China Miners who attempted to further increase low-grade material prices in the week to Friday June 11 were forced to drop into line with counter-bids after buyers staged resistance, encouraged by relatively low port prices. The high-grade manganese ore market showed a large drop in liquidity week on week and lower prices. Inquiries for portside cargoes fell away due to buyers having procured sufficient stocks in previous weeks. The spot silico-manganese market held steady, with suppliers quoting firm offers on limited availability following...


Janie Davies

Chris Kavanagh

Declan Conway

Siyi Liu

June 11, 2021

15:28 GMT

Shanghai, London, Galway, New York