ALUMINIUM FOUNDRY WRAP: US, European premiums flat, lagging other VAPs

Aluminium primary foundry alloy premiums in Europe and the United States were steady again on Friday June 11, without the price swings seen in other value-added product premiums.

European primary foundry alloy premiums (PFA) were flat on Friday, lagging behind other aluminium value-added products (VAP) such as billet.
Market participants told Fastmarkets that lack of demand for the product from the automotive sector, resulting from diminished production because of the semiconductor shortage, has prevented the premiums from climbing as fast as those for VAPs such as billet, which has a more diverse range of applications.

“The PFA tells the truth about the demand between building and construction and automotive,”...


Justin Yang

Michael Roh

June 11, 2021

18:25 GMT

New York, London