LIVE FUTURES REPORT 14/06: Mixed prices on LME, large re-warranting for Al in Port Klang

The three-month price of copper was down 0.6% from Friday's close on the morning of Monday June 14, while most other prices on the London Metal Exchange rose despite low traded volumes due to public holidays in China and Australia.

The three-month copper price was at $9,943 per tonne on Monday at 9am, falling from $10,003.50 per tonne at Friday’s close, which was the first time the metal had closed above $10,000 in a week. The three-month price of aluminium was up to $2,477 per tonne at 9am, from $2,464.50 per tonne at Friday’s close. Aluminium’s price shrugged off a 10,525-tonne re-warranting of material in Port Klang’s warehouses following a 44,250-tonne cancellation of metal there on June 8, while a...


Ana de Liz

June 14, 2021

10:09 GMT