Top steelmakers 2021 edition

Alongside Fastmarkets’ annual global ranking of steelmakers by crude steel output in 2020, our correspondents around the world review developments in their regional steel sectors.

The year 2020 will forever be remembered as the one in which the Covid-19 pandemic spread globally, impacting every area of life and business. The world’s steel industry was no exception, with many of the largest steelmakers seeing lower production levels over the year, resulting from the repercussions of national lockdowns and restrictions on international travel reducing steel demand and constraining many steelmakers’ output.
While the pandemic continues to have terrible consequences in some nations, others have seen significant recovery during 2021, reflected in the fortunes and resilience of their steel sectors.

Fastmarkets’ latest list of the world’s largest steelmaking companies, based on steel output in 2020, continues to provide an interesting annual snapshot of the evolving geographical pattern of global steel production. In addition to the table itself, in the pages that follow a team of six of our global steel writers have provided reviews of the big...


Fastmarkets MB staff

June 15, 2021

13:55 GMT