Sudbury mine strikers reject Vale’s offer; US nickel premiums rise

Striking workers at Vale’s mine in Sudbury, Ontario, rejected the company’s latest offer on Monday June 14; the ongoing strike was the main contributor to a rise in nickel premiums in the United States on Tuesday June 15, sources said.

The premium increases - including a 16.67% week-on-week jump for nickel briquette - came quicker than most participants anticipated, with the strike at Vale entering its third week on Tuesday. Previously, sources predicted that the labor disruption would have to continue for at least a month before premiums in the well-supplied US nickel market, where spot demand has been relatively low, would be affected.

Vale Canada is one of just two sizeable nickel producers in North America...


Orla O'Sullivan

June 15, 2021

19:30 GMT

New York