GLOBAL MANGANESE SNAPSHOT: Indian silico-manganese prices peak on strong Japanese demand

Key data from Fastmarkets’ pricing sessions in China, the United States, India and Europe.

India The Indian silico-manganese export price extended its current rally for a sixth week in a row, hitting its highest level since Fastmarkets started assessing the market at the start of June 2014. The market has rallied on renewed demand from Japan over the past few weeks, which happened earlier and involved more supplies than expected. The Japanese Central Bank has maintained its huge stimulus to support its economy and extended a September deadline for its pandemic-relief program. This suggests that Japan will lag well behind the United States in ending crisis-mode policies. ...


Chris Kavanagh

Declan Conway

William Clarke

Siyi Liu

June 18, 2021

15:58 GMT

New York, Galway, London, Shanghai