US set to apply 12.27% duty on Malaysian Si, as price pushes to 10-year high

The United States Commerce Department has made a final determination to apply anti-dumping duty at 12.27% on silicon metal imports from Malaysia, a much-anticipated decision in a case that has helped to push the price of silicon in the US toward a 10-year high.

The rate, announced on Thursday June 17, falls far short of the 50%-plus duty that domestic US producers recently told Fastmarkets they were seeking for Malaysia-origin material.
But it exceeds the 7.4% preliminary duty determination that Commerce announced on January 27, which market participants described as “low.”

Other duties in this case, which involved four nations, extended to what is understood to be an unprecedented 160%. Commerce raised its duty determination on...


Orla O'Sullivan

June 18, 2021

18:56 GMT

New York