FOCUS: Ferrous logistics grind to halt in China amid communist party centennial

Centennial celebrations for the founding of the Chinese Communist Party has caused some parts of the ferrous supply chain in China to grind to a halt, market sources told Fastmarkets this week.

Construction sites in Jiangsu province have been asked to provide a "safe and stable" social environment for the celebrations of the party’s 100-year anniversary, with the provincial executive governor dubbing it an "important political task".
Provincial and township authorities are expected to visit construction sites and carry out "large-scale investigations and rectifications of potential safety hazards, project by project and site by site, and immediately rectify the problems found," China's official government website said on Friday June 25.
Chinese authorities are also focusing on curbing industrial activity in cities near Beijing, especially chemical production with large volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, blast furnace-based steelmaking, coking operations, and construction activities.

"They will be checking stringently on environmental protection facilities, especially whether there are any violations of emission standards or data fraud," the...


Jessica Zong

Paul Lim

Alex Theo

Zihao Yu

Zihuan Pan

June 25, 2021

07:15 GMT

Singapore, Shanghai