EU GREEN STEELMAKING: Mixed response to new German climate plans

The German steel industry has called for further support and policy after the Climate Protection Emergency Program 2022, and for the program to widen its scope to other material alternatives, Fastmarkets learns.

The steel scrap association BDSV criticized the Climate Protection Emergency Program 2022 which heavily focused on hydrogen-based steel production for green steel manufacture, and not steel scrap.
At a hydrogen conference with the steel association WV Stahl and union IG Metall, Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmeier announced that the federal government and German steelmakers want to speed up the conversion of heavy industry to more climate-friendly production, bringing forward its climate goal by five years.

The BDSV states that in the federal government's revised steel action plan, the use of steel and alloy steel scrap to reduce CO2 emissions “plays a subordinate role," and that to disregard the potential savings of CO 2 from scrap is “unwise if one wants to achieve the...


Carrie Bone

June 28, 2021

11:53 GMT