EU GREEN STEELMAKING: Thyssenkrupp to replace blast furnaces, request government funding

German steel maker Thyssenkrupp is to replace its four blast furnaces and switch to a system based on direct-reduction of raw material using hydrogen by 2025, the company announced on Tuesday June 29, following a visit by federal government ministers.

The company confirmed that it will gradually replace the blast furnaces with direct-reduction plants fueled by green hydrogen, each able to melt solid raw material to liquid hot metal, following a previous announcement.

Investment of €2 billion ($2.38 billion) will be required by 2030, and as much as €8 billion for the complete switchover, Thyssenkrupp said. The company is responsible for 2.5% of Germany’s CO2 emissions, it added, and intended to reduce its own emissions by 30%...


Carrie Bone

June 30, 2021

15:20 GMT