Transalloys declares force majeure at manganese alloys plant

South African manganese alloys producer Transalloys has declared force majeure after nationwide protests, triggered by the jailing of ex-president Jacob Zuma for failing to appear at a corruption inquiry last week, widened into riots and looting, disrupting its operations.

The duration of the force majeure is unclear, with the restoration of full operations dependent on the end of disruptions caused by the protests, according to an official from the sales agent that sells all of Transalloys’ output.
Widespread violence and looting have already triggered declarations of force majeure at ports in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province, threatening to stall exports of chrome and manganese.

“As the major transport corridor from Transalloys to the Port of Durban, the N3 Highway is completely blocked and the Port of Durban itself is not operational,” an official from Afro Minerals Trading (AMT) said in a statement emailed to Fastmarkets. “The ongoing unrest has created major security concerns, affecting both the movement of people and supply chains. Therefore,...


Declan Conway

July 14, 2021

13:32 GMT