Glencore warns of potential for force majeure amid South Africa unrest

Glencore has described rioting in South Africa as a “force majeure event” in a letter to customers about a number of ores, alloys and metals exported from the country, although this is not a declaration of force majeure.

In a notice to customers on July 14, seen by Fastmarkets, the trader-miner warned that ongoing violence in South Africa could potentially prevent them from fulfilling contracts with customers.
The notices have been sent to cobalt, chrome ore, ferro-chrome, manganese ore and vanadium customers.

While no customer reported to Fastmarkets that a specific delivery or contract had definitely been affected, some customers mistook the notice for...


Jon Stibbs

Carrie Shi

William Clarke

Siyi Liu

July 15, 2021

14:53 GMT

Shanghai, London