LIVE FUTURES REPORT 16/07: Tin at all-time high of $33,800; nickel up 1.6%

Tin’s three-month price reached a new all-time peak on the London Metal Exchange on Friday July 16, with supply concerns from Southeast Asia - due to the spread of the delta variant of Covid-19 - also supporting most prices.

Tin’s benchmark futures price has jumped by 63% since the start of the year, when the metal was priced $20,735 per tonne. It closed at $33,600 per tonne on Friday, a 1.4% gain from Thursday’s 5pm price.
Persistent supply disruptions have affected the metal for most of 2021, culminating recently in the shutdown of MSC’s operations in Malaysia and uncertainty over Indonesian output, given the spread of Covid-19 in both countries.

Continuing constraints on mine supply from Myanmar into China, together with China’s renewed power-cut regime in Yunnan province -...


Ana de Liz

July 16, 2021

16:50 GMT