CHINA STEEL SCRAP: Baosteel says higher scrap supplies needed for China to achieve carbon neutrality

Much higher supplies of natural gas, hydrogen, ‘green’ electricity, and steel scrap will be needed for the development of Direct Reduction Iron-Electric-arc Furnace (DRI-EAF) steelmaking processes in China, Baowu Group said on Thursday July 22.

“Developing the DRI-EAF steelmaking technologies is an important and inevitable step for the Chinese steel sector to achieve carbon neutrality,” Xu Wanren, the Chief Researcher of Baowu Group, said in his presentation during the China Steel Industry Intelligence Summit held in Kunming, Yunnan.
“Production with DRI-EAF processes should be increased. Compared with long-process steelmaking, DRI-EAF production with natural gas can reduce CO2 emissions by 35-40%; DRI-EAF production with hydrogen can reduce CO2 emissions by 70-80%,” Wanren said.

During the summit, Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) forecast that the share of EAFs...


Paul Lim

Tianran Zhao

July 22, 2021

11:19 GMT

Shanghai, Singapore