CIS PIG IRON: Market down on low demand among steelmakers

Export prices for pig iron from the Commonwealth of Independent States went down during the week to Thursday July 22 on low demand. Steelmakers were not active in the market, with only small-volume sales being made to distributors and foundries.

Fastmarkets assessed the price for high-manganese pig iron, export, fob main port Black Sea, CIS, at $595-610 per tonne on July 22, down from $600-620 per tonne a week before.
“Only foundries, and distributors who deal with them, have shown some activity in the market, but they can’t buy a lot,” one trader said. “Only steelmakers can buy large volumes, but they are booked and have alternatives in hot-briquetted iron [HBI] or scrap, while foundries can only use pig iron.”

Offers from one Ukrainian supplier were heard at $605-610 per tonne fob, but the workable level was reported...


Marina Shulga

July 23, 2021

14:03 GMT