EU GREEN STEELMAKING: ArcelorMittal announces carbon partnership, energy investment

ArcelorMittal is to enter a partnership with Sekisui Chemical on a carbon capture project, and invest in a renewable energy storage company as part of its XCarb innovation fund, the steelmaker has announced.

The project will be intended to capture and re-use carbon waste gases from the steelmaking process, contributing to the decarbonization of steelmaking and reducing dependence on fossil resources.
Waste CO2 will be converted into a carbon monoxide-rich synthesis gas consisting of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. This will be returned to the steelmaking process as an alternative reduction agent for iron ore, allowing fewer fossil resources to be used in steelmaking.
Through its partnership with ArcelorMittal, Sekisui Chemical hopes to demonstrate the ability to scale up its technology to produce carbon monoxide in large volumes from CO2, which has proven very challenging.

The technology will initially be tested over a...


Carrie Bone

July 26, 2021

12:00 GMT