AT GLANCE: Evraz steel products sales up 6%, vanadium down 3.6%

A summary of sales figures from Russian steelmaker and vanadium producer Evraz for the April-June quarter of 2021, according to the company’s trading report published on Thursday July 29.

In brief Total sales of steel products rose by 6.1% quarter on quarter to 3.24 million tonnes, driven by higher sales of finished products in Russia amid favorable market conditions. It was also supported by an increase in slab sales following the completion of repairs to basic oxygen furnaces at Evraz NTMK in the first quarter of 2021. External sales of steel products rose by 8.3% quarter on quarter to 2.86 million tonnes, driven by an increase in sales volumes of semi-finished and finished products. Sales of vanadium products fell by 3.6% quarter on quarter to 3.24...


Vlada Novokreshchenova

Cristina Belda

July 29, 2021

18:00 GMT

London, Dnipro