EU GREEN STEELMAKING: ArcelorMittal Ghent to pilot use of bio-coal in blast furnace

ArcelorMittal is to pilot the use of bio-coal as a partial replacement for fossil coal in the blast furnace at its steelmaking site in Ghent, Belgium, as a step toward cutting its carbon emissions, the company announced on Wednesday August 11.

ArcelorMittal Ghent has taken this step on its decarbonization journey, it said, by choosing to use high-quality bio-coal as a raw material for its steel production process. The pilot project will save 2.5 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of bio-coal, the company said.
The bio-coal is being responsibly sourced, according to ArcelorMittal. The supplier is Perpetual Next, which produces bio-coal using its patented high temperature torrefaction technology.

The partnership will start with an initial delivery of 30,000 tonnes of bio-coal, but this can be scaled up...


Carrie Bone

August 12, 2021

14:10 GMT