US secondary aluminium alloys, mill-grade aluminium scrap prices up

Most secondary aluminium alloy prices in the United States’ domestic market continued to climb on Thursday August 12 on strong demand for ingot and high manufacturing costs combined with ever-rising aluminium premiums.

Fastmarkets last assessed the aluminium P1020A premium, ddp Midwest US at 34.5-35.5 cents per lb on Friday August 13, steady after reaching an all-time high on Tuesday August 10. “[Some issues we’re facing are] lower production because of labor and higher costs to ship the ingot,” one producer said, adding that input costs are also rising. “Silicon and copper are expensive alloying agents, along with pricey manganese and magnesium.” Fastmarkets assessed the price for silicon, ddp US at $1.54-1.60 per lb on Thursday, widening down from $1.55-1.60 per lb previously, where the price had held since July 15. Fastmarkets assessed prices for aluminium alloy A360.1, delivered Midwest and...


Jenny Stewart

August 13, 2021

20:58 GMT

New York