FOCUS: Potential end to AD duty on Indonesian stainless steel contemplated in China market

Speculation as to whether China will lift its anti-dumping (AD) duty on Indonesian stainless steel arose during the week to September 2. Some market participants believe this move would reduce China’s crude stainless steel production and thereby help lower carbon emissions.

China has imposed AD duty on imports of stainless steel billet, slab, hot-rolled plate and coil produced in the European Union, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia since July 23, 2019.
Removal of AD duty unnecessary
Despite the anti-dumping duty, imports of stainless steel into China have not decreased in the past couple of years.
Stainless steel imports into China were 1.81 million tonnes in 2020, up by 686,200 tonnes or 61.33% from 2019, according to data released by China Stainless Steel Council (CSSC).
“Indonesia is the major supplier of stainless steel, especially the semi-finished and hot-rolled products,” an importer in Eastern China said.

For example, in the first seven months of 2021, China’s import of stainless steel semi-finished products (harmonization system code 72189900) was 735,068 tonnes, 732,747 tonnes...


Jessica Zong

September 02, 2021

10:31 GMT