INTL AL CONF: Industry needs higher investment, faster pace towards sustainability

The global aluminium industry needs to work collaboratively and faster to deal with carbon emissions, and social and governance challenges, executives said during a sustainability panel discussion at Fastmarkets’ International Aluminium Conference on Friday September 3.

Such industry-wide movement will also need large investments to materialize, which could come from the private sector, the government, or both, they added.
Investors are paying much more attention to these issues, but capital flows need to be intensified, according to International Aluminium Institute (IAI) secretary-general Miles Prosser.
“We don’t always focus on the scale and speed it needs to happen at. It takes billions of dollars in investment, while the public, investors, communities, all ask for it to be solved in the next decade, not in 100 years,” he said.

As demand for low-carbon products...


Renato Rostás

September 03, 2021

10:16 GMT

São Paulo