Cesco presents alternative Chilean royalty proposal to current law project

A major copper industry group in Chile has presented an alternative tax reform plan to the government, amid an ongoing legislative process to tap into revenues and retain mining-related capital from the Latin American country's inland given the red metal's price recent rally.

On August 31, the Chilean Center for Copper and Mining Studies (Cesco), delivered its own proposal to the Chilean Senate Mining and Energy Commission during the Commission's evaluation period of the new mining royalty bill which passed through the lower house earlier in 2021.

"Increase collection when prices are high; a balanced distribution of mining income between the State, the owner of the resources, and the mining companies that invest their capital and assume the risks of the business; and maintaining a competitive position as a mining jurisdiction are the objectives that Cesco seeks with its...


Julian Luk

Ana de Liz

September 09, 2021

14:05 GMT