Low-copper secondary aluminium alloy prices keep rising in US

Prices for low-copper, high-silicon secondary aluminium alloys – 356.1, A360.1 and A413.1 – climbed further on Thursday September 9; prices breached all-time highs in June and have continued to rise since then.

Spot activity was thin in the week because buyers had locked up their needs the previous week ahead of the long weekend for the United States Labor Day holiday, but producers increased prices for some alloys due to after input costs rose. “Coming off Labor Day, it’s a slow week. A lot of buying got done last week. It was a huge selling week so it’s pretty limited [in the week to September 9] on spot opportunities,” said one producer. Prices for 356.1 and A413.1 moved to parity on Thursday. Fastmarkets assessed the price of aluminium alloy 356.1, delivered Midwest at $1.45-1.47 per lb on September 9, up by 0.69% from $1.44-1.46 per lb on September 2. Fastmarkets also assessed the price of aluminium alloy A413.1, delivered Midwest at $1.45-1.47 per lb...


Michael Roh

September 10, 2021

21:13 GMT

New York