ENERGY TRANSITION: Standard Lithium in carbon-capture technology project

Standard Lithium Ltd it is undertaking a pilot project in southern Arkansas to test carbon-capture technology to reduce emissions, the company said.

The pilot project will be undertaken in collaboration with the owner of the technology, Aqualung Carbon Capture AS, and will be installed at a natural gas processing site in Columbia County, Arkansas, that is owned and operated by oil and gas exploration company Mission Creek Resources LLC.
According to Standard Lithium, the project is focused on minimizing all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that may result from its future operations and related supply-chain activities. The company has identified several areas where CO2-rich gas streams may be used to optimize its process and reduce reagent costs, as well as potentially sequester CO2.

The project...


Andrea Hotter

September 14, 2021

17:52 GMT

New York