Brazil's aluminium producer CBA joins state power rationing program

Brazilian aluminium producer Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBA) has decided to join a federal government initiative to reduce power demand in the country, the company said on Thursday September 16.

Adhering to this program will not affect production, however, CBA said. It will adjust consumption hours during the day to a schedule yet to be defined by the country’s national electric system operator, ONS.
Brazil is going through one of its worst-ever droughts, with subsequent risks to the generation of hydro-electric power. According to a survey published in August by the mines and energy ministry, MME, 71% of the country’s electricity comes from hydro plants and a total of 82.9% of the country’s electricity comes from renewable sources.

Data from ONS showed that water reservoirs were currently at less than...


Renato Rostás

September 16, 2021

19:28 GMT

São Paulo