US aluminium scrap imports fall in July

Imports of aluminium scrap into the United States fell by 6.22% month on month to 62,949 short tons in July compared with 67,130 short tons the month prior after a rise in deliveries of used beverage cans (UBCs) was outweighed by a drop in volumes of industrial and other aluminium scrap, according to the latest data from the US Commerce Department.

But year-to-date aluminium scrap deliveries totaled 440,890 short tons, up by 35.7% from 324,867 tons for the same January-July period last year. Imports of UBCs increased by 5.47% month on month to 19,271 tons compared with 18,271 tons the month before, after deliveries from Canada...


Sean Barry

September 16, 2021

21:16 GMT

Tampa, Florida