Aluminium execs ask EU to push on with Chinese anti-dumping duties

Senior executives from 17 companies and industry association European Aluminium have called on the European Commission (EC) to move forward with anti-dumping duties on aluminium flat-rolled products (FRP) imports from China.

In a letter sent on Wednesday September 15, the signatories said that planned definitive anti-dumping duties on Chinese FRP are balanced, fair and critical to the survival of the aluminium industry in Europe.

The EC said in April that provisional duties of 19.3-46.7% would become definitive duties of 14-25% in October for a five-year term. But following a 30-day suspension investigation, the commission announced its intention to postpone the definitive anti-dumping duties for nine months....


Andrea Hotter

September 17, 2021

15:49 GMT

New York