IAI says aluminium smelting emissions could drop nearly 90% by 2050

The International Aluminium Institute (IAI) has released a new decarbonization dataset showing that carbon dioxide emissions from smelting could fall by nearly 90% from 2018 to 2050 if the industry aligns with sustainability targets.

In addition, refining emissions could drop by almost half over the same period, it said.
The sustainability goals are based on Beyond 2°C Scenario (B2DS) targets established by independent intergovernmental organization the International Energy Agency, which set out a pathway in line with global climate goals and looks at how far known clean energy technologies could go if pushed to their practical limits.

The IAI dataset comes six weeks before the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in November, which will bring parties together to accelerate action toward the goals of the Paris Agreement...


Andrea Hotter

September 20, 2021

23:01 GMT

New York