CHINA PIG IRON: Market rebounds amid pre-winter rush for stock

Chinese buyers continued to buy pig iron imports at increasingly high prices over the past fortnight, market sources told Fastmarkets on Thursday September 23.

Demand for pig iron in China has been bolstered ahead of the autumn and winter seasons, in which many Chinese mills must reduce sintering in line with  pollution controls guidance from the country's Ministry of Ecology and Environment.
At the same time, demand for pig iron has been slow in the United States amid expectations of a fall in prime steel scrap prices during the country's October monthly trade, which has led to China being the main buyer in town through most of September. 

Fastmarkets’ fortnightly assessment of the price for pig iron, import, cfr China was at $540-560 per tonne on...


Lee Allen

Tianran Zhao

September 23, 2021

12:41 GMT

Shanghai, London